‘Elemental’ is in theaters now. Here’s a catch up on Pixar’s best and worst movies

FILM – Pixar’s latest animated film is “Elemental” which is out in theaters now. Pixar’s new film “Elemental” is in theaters today. It’s the latest feature from a studio that, in partnership with Disney, has produced some of the most successful and popular animated films of all time. While they are often marketed to children, the beautiful artwork and stories thrill and enchant viewers of all ages. But while its trophy case is very large and very full, Pixar does not have a perfect batting average. Below are the top and bottom five films according to Rotten Tomatoes for families […]

With a strategic plan in place township can get down to business, develop a work plan

ELORA – Center Wellington council approved a long-awaited strategic plan on May 29 that will guide the budget, priorities of staff, and establish new advisory committees to help the council reach its goals before the next election in 2026. Its vision is “for the community to experience life along the Grand River.” Its mission: “we are an active, caring, innovative, safe and connected community.” Its values: “we value integrity, collaboration, innovation, and equity, diversity and inclusion.” Council has set five goals for the township as well: creating conditions for economic prosperity; improving activity, health and wellness of the community; managing […]

Announcing Microsoft’s AI Customer Commitments

AI is creating unparalleled opportunities for businesses of every size and across every industry. We are seeing our customers embrace AI services to drive innovation, increase productivity and solve critical problems for humanity, such as the development of breakthrough medical cures and new ways to meet the challenges of climate change. At the same time, there are legitimate concerns about the power of the technology and the potential for it to be used to cause harm rather than benefits. It’s not surprising, in this context, that governments around the world are looking at how existing laws and regulations can be […]

Corporate Business Plan | City of North Vancouver

The City’s Corporate Business Plan builds upon and complements the Mayor and Council’s Strategic Plan developed in 2018. Together, these two plans will guide us as we work to achieve the Council’s vision of making our community the healthiest small city in the world. The Corporate Business Plan is our annual action plan. It is used by our Leadership Team to support the Council’s strategic priorities while ensuring our core programs and services are delivered with a high degree of excellence. It allows us to respond to opportunities and challenges with innovation and creativity and helps us prioritize the work […]

Incorporating Scenario Planning into your Business Plan

RBC Small Business Talks uncovers the latest trends and insights to help owners navigate the issues & opportunities facing businesses today. Businesses always operate under a certain degree of uncertainty, and planning for the “what ifs” is critically important. Scenario planning, which involves making assumptions on what the future will bring, can help you gain an understanding of how different situations – or scenarios – will affect your business. Allowing you to see alternate visions of the future, scenario planning can help you identify pitfalls, gaps and opportunities before they happen, and stress test your plans against a variety of […]

Canola Oil Processing Plant Project Report 2023: Business Plan, Manufacturing Process

the report “Canola Oil Processing Plant Project Report 2023: Industry Trends, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue” by IMARC Group presents a comprehensive guide to establishing a canola oil processing plant. The report offers in-depth market analysis and information on unit operations, raw materials, utility and infrastructure requirements, technology and machinery requirements, manpower requirements, packaging and transportation requirements. Additionally, the report details the project economics, including capital investment, project funding, operational expenses, income and expenditure projections, variable and fixed costs, direct and indirect costs, expected ROI, net present value, profit and loss account, and financial analysis. […]

Reflections on AI and the future of human development

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have sparked both wonder and anxiety as we contemplate its transformative potential. AI holds enormous promise to enrich our lives, but this anticipation comes intertwined with apprehensions about the challenges and risks that may arise. To nurture a future where AI is leveraged to the benefit of people and society, it is crucial to bring together a wide array of voices and perspectives. With this goal in mind, I am honored to present the “AI Anthology,” a compilation of 20 inspiring essays authored by distinguished scholars and professionals from various disciplines. The anthology explores the […]

Batten Down the Hatches: Fine Tune Your Small Business Plan for Any Economic Environment

In recognition of the more than 33 million small businesses in the US, we are sharing helpful best practices to fine-tune your small business plan to weather economic shifts. Responsibly manage your business debt Interest rate changes have significant impacts on business lending. To effectively manage your debt, consider these financial tactics before applying for a business loan: READ: Higher Interest Rates — What Does It Mean for Consumers, Bond Investors and the Stock Market? Convert floating debt Consider converting any floating-rate debt to fixed-rate debt, which flips the mindset from short-term financing to a longer-term solution that may be […]

Why Your Business Is At Risk Without A Succession Plan

Daniel M. Machnik is the owner of Willis & Machnik Financial Servicesan affiliate of Avantax Wealth Management. getty When you’re building a small business, your time is precious. You’re focused on the right now—payroll, inventory, talent, operations, debt and profit. There’s often little time left to think about the long-term future of your business and who will run it when you’re gone. But your work deserves protection and a path to the future, and a succession plan is the first step to get there. Why does it matter? To me there are few things more tragic than a business owner […]

Building a quantum-safe future – The Official Microsoft Blog

As innovation has progressed through radio, the internet, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and the Internet of Things, we have consistently faced security concerns with each technological milestone. Every new and disruptive technology comes with both opportunities and challenges. With AI, we are taking this lesson from the past and proactively addressing the security challenges that will inevitably arise. Yet while the AI ​​revolution feels like the biggest innovation in a generation, scaled quantum computing is set to disrupt many aspects of technology again — and we must prepare for it now. Quantum computing at scale has the potential to help solve many […]