The era of AI: How the Microsoft Cloud is accelerating AI transformation across industries

© Bolbik / Adobe Stock This past quarter has put a spotlight on advancements in generative AI, and the possibilities of its application to deliver pragmatic business outcomes. For organizations around the world, there is an incredible opportunity to enhance products and services while unlocking innovation and business value to help shape the future of industry. The pace and scale of technological innovation happening today is unprecedented and breathes optimism into a demanding economy. Those leveraging the Microsoft Cloud — the most trusted, comprehensive and integrated cloud — are best positioned to take advantage of these advancements. As leaders look […]

Sequis Announces Three Sequis Ecopreneur Business Plan Competition Winners, Who Are They?

WE Finance, Jakarta – PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life held a Sequis competition Ecopreneur Business Plan Competition by carrying the theme Go Green for Your Better Tomorrow. This competition is to provide an opportunity for millennials to demonstrate their creativity in innovation, ability and expertise in making business plans that are useful to support the principles Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Sustainability. The series of competition activities which opened in June 2022 and closed with the handing over of awards given directly by the President Director of Sequis Life Tatang Widjaja to the three winning teams. The three winning teams […]

The future of manufacturing is now: Four trends shaping the industry

At its core, manufacturing is about innovation, as it builds economic capacity, bolsters workforces, and generates opportunity and growth. Today we’re seeing the industry undergo a once-in-a-century transformation driven by changing consumer demands, labor challenges, supply chain disruptions, technological advancements and sustainability demands. We’ve come a long way since the industrial revolution, and the industry has evolved into a much more complex place. To explore these challenges and opportunities, we’ll join global leaders and colleagues at the world’s biggest trade show for industrial technology, Hannover Messe. As we enter this week of innovation, we’re discussing four key areas that are […]

Applications open for Comerica Hatch Detroit with $100K prize

Applications are now open for the $100,000 Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest by TechTown. The contest awards $100,000 to startups hoping to open a brick-and-mortar business in either Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park. Entrepreneurs can submit their business plans on the Hatch Detroit website through Feb. 21, and the four-month contest will include two rounds of public voting. Those interested can sign up for information sessions on the website. On top of funding to open the store, the winners will be support for accounting, legal, IT and public relations. The first round of public voting will get the top 10, and […]

George Santos’ Harbor City Sales Pitch Revealed by Clients

In 1903, a ship full of dreamers docked in Boston. Among their number was a refugee from Lugo in northern Italy. He was cleaned out by cards sharp during the voyage, so he got here with $2.50 in his pocket. Much later, he told a newspaper, “I landed in this country with $2.50 in cash and $1 million in hopes, and those hopes never left me.” That man’s name was Charles Ponzi. Ponzi unplugged.Bettmann//Getty Images The ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ swindle that now bears his name is one of the first lessons in the syllabus for Grifter 101. And […]

Create more integrated cloud experiences with over 1,400 connectors

Last year, I had the opportunity to speak with customers across a wide range of sectors about how they are approaching the current economic climate. Whether they are focusing on increasing efficiency or driving cost savings, we are all essentially trying to do more with less and prioritizing investments that will drive the most important and meaningful outcomes. Unfortunately, these resource constraints are coming at a time when data sources and data volumes continue to rise at staggering rates. According to a study published by the IDC, the amount of new data created, captured, replicated and consumed is expected to […]

Business Plan: Definition, Components, and Benefits

Jakarta – Business plans are usually made to start or plan a business or venture. Then what is included in the business plan? To start a business or business requires careful planning and preparation. Without planning, the business or business that you start up will lose direction because you run it without clear goals. Definition of Business Plan A business plan or business plan is a document detailing business details that an entrepreneur prepares before opening a new business. Business planning contains any applicable plans for future business orientation, allocating resources, and predicting opportunities, as quoted from the book Tourism […]