Super Power Your Decisions Online Course Launch – July 27th

The ability to stay poised in the face of chaos is one of the most necessary skills in today’s volatile climate.

Teams look to their leaders for a sense of assurance and steadiness that they are moving in the best direction and are focusing on the right tasks.

Research shows that we tend to make more effective decisions when we include our intuition in the process.

Emotions Vs. intuition

Yet the hardest part is how do we separate us emotional reactivity from our intuitive intelligence?

I know that I don’t trust my decision-making to the same degree when I’m coming from stress, overwhelm, fear, or even over-excitement and infatuation.

How many times have you been infatuated by a romantic partner or business opportunity and missed the 14 red flags along the way?

In fact, this is why many people don’t trust their intuition; because they confuse it with their emotional reactivity.

What if there was a way to separate the two where you can identify with clarity when you are tapping into your innate wisdom in any decision? What would that change for you?

On July 27thwe are launching a course titled Super Power Your Decision Making, where you will learn how to come from your deepest intelligence on a daily basis to high-stakes decisions that can impact the course of your business or life.

Some of the key take-a-ways of this course include:

  • Making better choices in the most critical areas of your business
  • Enjoying more fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life
  • Building a deep and trusting relationship with yourself
  • Allow new creativity and innovation to flourish
  • Gain clarity on your most fulfilling purpose and path
  • Be less affected by stress and strong emotional states
  • Improving communication
  • Learning to tune into your environment for more informed decisions


This is a self-paced online course with instructor-led options with me – if you want to train your whole team on how to make better decisions, faster, and feel more empowered and confident in the process.

It is highly interactive with knowledge check questions, a discussion forum, assessments and hand-outs that are designed to lead you through the six steps to connect with your intuitive intelligence.

Register Here to get on the wait list and be one of the first ones to go through this course when it launches this Monday the 27thth of July!

I look forward to helping you deepen your relationship with this sacred resource that will empower your confidence in the key decisions you make in your business and in your life.