Leadership in Uncertain Times | Invisible Edge

In my life, I haven’t experienced a time where the whole world came together to overcome a major challenge. Too often we are divided, creating stories about how we feel either inferior or superior to others. That usually doesn’t go well in either version. COVID-19 is, along with many other things, an opportunity to lead—whether it’s holding a vision, or encouraging acts of kindness among your team, family, or community. In order to lead effectively in turbulent times, we have to be well-resourced and have tools to quell our own anxieties and fears, so that we can in turn be […]

Embracing Business Marketing: Why You Should Take the Leap

If you own a business such as an online casino, you know how important it is to market your company. It’s not just about getting customers in the door; it’s also about keeping them coming back. Marketing helps ensure that your product or service stays relevant in today’s competitive marketplace by creating brand awareness, increasing sales, and establishing credibility among consumers. But what exactly does it mean to embrace business marketing? And why should you consider doing so? Here are five reasons you should embrace business marketing: You’ll make more money. In other words, the more you do business marketing […]

10-Part Intuition Docuseries Launching April 6th

Exciting news! Filmmaker Danny Blitz is releasing his 10-part docuseries, Superpower, on developing your intuitive intelligence. She interviews top scientists, doctors, specialists, and yours truly J in bringing together the latest research and best practices on developing intuition to make better decisions and live a more purposeful life connected to your deepest values ​​and passions. Each episode tackles various applications, ranging from how to relieve stress and overwhelm to listen to your inner guidance for your most important decisions. I’m featured in the 1st and 9th episodes—the 9th one focuses on how intuitive intelligence deepens your ability to make more […]