The Top 8 Websites for Free Business Plan Templates

It is imperative to have a clear-cut plan when trying to start a business. It can help define your goals and show potential investors your level of professionalism. Having a business plan provides a standard against which you can rate the progress of your brand growth and keeps you in check when making significant decisions. MUO video of the day SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT One thing that makes writing a good business plan easier is ready-made templates; you can find them on credible business plan template websites. PandaDoc is an American-based software company specializing in creating software that makes […]

5 Things You Must Know and Do Before Writing a Business Plan

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. There are many articles about what to include in your business plan. But what about before you even start writing it? Are there things you need to know? Information you need to compile? Things to consider? You bet. Below you’ll learn five things you must know and do before sitting down to write your business plan: 1. Your business plan is a marketing document The first thing you must understand before writing your business plan is that your plan is a marketing document. It is not a 50-page dossier explaining everything there […]