Municipally controlled corporation pitched to help create housing

Peter Shocker | [email protected] The Council heard the benefits of establishing a municipally controlled corporation for developing housing during its committee of the whole meeting on June 27. Incorporated in 2007, the Jasper Community Housing Corporation (JCHC) had identified the need for an alternative governance structure to further housing development. Specifically, the JCHC would be converted to a municipally controlled corporation. “The Administration believes that this meets all the intents that we started this discussion with, which, again, just as a reminder to the council, was the ability to bring in private financing, the ability to take debt off the […]

Cloud-based chip design for national security achieves key milestones

Continued US leadership in emerging technology requires a sustainable supply of advanced chips to power innovation from artificial intelligence to quantum computing. The CHIPS and Science Act, passed last year, aims to boost domestic research and manufacturing capacity for critical microelectronics. To support this ambitious effort, the US Department of Defense (DoD) launched the Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes (RAMP) using the Advanced Commercial Capabilities program, an effort to accelerate the secure, sustainable development of microelectronics for defense technologies. As part of this effort, three new state-of-the-art chips were developed using the RAMP secure design capability developed by Microsoft within the […]

Accelerating scientific discovery with Azure Quantum

Today, Microsoft is announcing new advances to Azure Quantum aimed at accelerating scientific discovery. From the Iron Age revolutionizing agriculture to the Silicon Age revolutionizing how we communicate, new materials have always created inflection points for social progress. Advances in this space will be transformative. For example, the transportation industry can develop more efficient and powerful batteries. Pharmaceutical researchers can develop new drugs. The chemistry industry will be able to discover safer and more sustainable compounds for the products we use daily, such as electronics, paints and textiles. And most importantly, scientists will be able to solve society’s most pressing […]

‘Elemental’ is in theaters now. Here’s a catch up on Pixar’s best and worst movies

FILM – Pixar’s latest animated film is “Elemental” which is out in theaters now. Pixar’s new film “Elemental” is in theaters today. It’s the latest feature from a studio that, in partnership with Disney, has produced some of the most successful and popular animated films of all time. While they are often marketed to children, the beautiful artwork and stories thrill and enchant viewers of all ages. But while its trophy case is very large and very full, Pixar does not have a perfect batting average. Below are the top and bottom five films according to Rotten Tomatoes for families […]

The future of manufacturing is now: Four trends shaping the industry

At its core, manufacturing is about innovation, as it builds economic capacity, bolsters workforces, and generates opportunity and growth. Today we’re seeing the industry undergo a once-in-a-century transformation driven by changing consumer demands, labor challenges, supply chain disruptions, technological advancements and sustainability demands. We’ve come a long way since the industrial revolution, and the industry has evolved into a much more complex place. To explore these challenges and opportunities, we’ll join global leaders and colleagues at the world’s biggest trade show for industrial technology, Hannover Messe. As we enter this week of innovation, we’re discussing four key areas that are […]