Thunder Bay strategic plan charts priorities through 2027

A 2023-2027 plan identifies truth and reconciliation, safety and wellbeing, prosperity and sustainability as key pillars. The City of Thunder Bay has released a new strategic plan, setting out a road map intended to establish top priorities for the 2022-2026 term of the city council, and measure progress in reaching those goals. The plan, titled ‘Maamawe, Growing Together,’ is focused around three “strategic pillars”: truth and reconciliation, safety and well-being, and prosperity and sustainability. The plan remains a draft until it is officially adopted on Monday by the city council, which has held numerous meetings to craft it in recent […]

With a strategic plan in place township can get down to business, develop a work plan

ELORA – Center Wellington council approved a long-awaited strategic plan on May 29 that will guide the budget, priorities of staff, and establish new advisory committees to help the council reach its goals before the next election in 2026. Its vision is “for the community to experience life along the Grand River.” Its mission: “we are an active, caring, innovative, safe and connected community.” Its values: “we value integrity, collaboration, innovation, and equity, diversity and inclusion.” Council has set five goals for the township as well: creating conditions for economic prosperity; improving activity, health and wellness of the community; managing […]

Announcing the next wave of AI innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge

Just three months ago, we unveiled the new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge to reinvent the future of search with your copilot for the web. We aim to tackle a universal problem with traditional search – that nearly half of all web searches go unanswered, resulting in billions of people’s searches falling short of the mark. We launched the new Bing to bring you better search results, answers to your questions, the ability to create and compose, and with a new level of ease of use by being able to chat in natural language. Bing combines powerful large language models […]

Kick Ash Baskets’ long, steady growth spells success for Neenah man’s grilling accessory business

Kick Ash Baskets of Neenah It is fitting to refer to Chad Romzek’s 2010 startup business as a result of “the spark of an idea.” The business, Kick Ash Baskets, ignited into a line of specialty grilling baskets that are sold throughout the United States and globally. A trained mechanical engineer, Romzek, of Neenah, worked for companies like Boeing in Seattle before moving back to Wisconsin in 2009 with Kimberly Clark. Although he enjoyed those jobs, he was pulled toward entrepreneurship. “I knew I wanted to do something else and had a few ideas,” he said. “In 2010, I made […]

George Santos’ Harbor City Sales Pitch Revealed by Clients

In 1903, a ship full of dreamers docked in Boston. Among their number was a refugee from Lugo in northern Italy. He was cleaned out by cards sharp during the voyage, so he got here with $2.50 in his pocket. Much later, he told a newspaper, “I landed in this country with $2.50 in cash and $1 million in hopes, and those hopes never left me.” That man’s name was Charles Ponzi. Ponzi unplugged.Bettmann//Getty Images The ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ swindle that now bears his name is one of the first lessons in the syllabus for Grifter 101. And […]