Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram

Since its inception, Instagram has been a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and product visibility. Because Instagram is a highly visual platform, it’s an excellent social media marketing tool for showcasing cool, innovative, interesting, and beautiful products and services. Industries such as fashion, food, travel, beauty, home decor, gardening and events enjoy enormous success by adding Instagram engagement to their marketing plans. We’ll share why businesses can benefit significantly from an Instagram account and offer tips for optimizing your Instagram presence. What is Instagram? Instagram is a hugely popular photo- and video-sharing social media platform […]

The Drums | Activision Blizzard’s Head Of Business Marketing’s Top 5 Predictions For 2023

As marketers wake up to the fact gaming isn’t to be ignored, Jonathan Stringfield outlines how the space will evolve this year and where attention needs to be directed. Whereas 2022 signaled a partial return to social normalcy given waning concerns around the pandemic, we enter 2023 with economic abnormality looming. Soaring inflation, crashes in the technology industry and the threat of a more durable recession have caused the broader consumer, marketing and technology landscape to adopt a less optimistic outlook. And yet, as was the case during the depths of the pandemic, an otherwise negative set of circumstances allows […]

Super Power Your Decisions Online Course Launch – July 27th

The ability to stay poised in the face of chaos is one of the most necessary skills in today’s volatile climate. Teams look to their leaders for a sense of assurance and steadiness that they are moving in the best direction and are focusing on the right tasks. Research shows that we tend to make more effective decisions when we include our intuition in the process. Emotions Vs. intuition Yet the hardest part is how do we separate us emotional reactivity from our intuitive intelligence? I know that I don’t trust my decision-making to the same degree when I’m coming […]