What is Business Marketing?

Economic News, Jakarta – Business marketing is a way to promote the sale of services or products to other businesses. Typically, this is done by selling to other organizations or businesses that either resell the product or use it in operations. Some of the most successful marketing strategies in this field utilize a variety of approaches to reach customers. Business marketing is sometimes known by the acronym B2B or business-to-business. More than just a business, of course, you can buy services or products. The subscriber list may also include academics or other agencies, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. There are […]

IoT Market – Embedded car OEM telematics subscribers exceeded 200 million in 2022

According to a new research report from the IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, the number of telematics service subscribers using embedded systems will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.1 percent from 202.3 million subscribers at the end of 2022 to 426.4 million subscribers at the end of 2027. Moreover, Berg Insight forecasts that shipments of embedded car OEM telematics systems worldwide will grow from 50.3 million units in 2022 to reach 77.3 million units in 2027, which represents an attach rate of 94 percent at the end of the forecast period. New passenger car and light […]

Disrupted, or Disruptor? How Do You Actually Innovate?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “innovate or die.” And in the business world, there is a lot of truth in this statement. If we become complacent in what we know, and we stop challenging ourselves to grow, we lose our leadership edge. We become the disrupted instead of the disruptor. Digital transformations are always a reflection of people transformation. People have to change along with (and even ahead of) technology in order to effectively lead and innovate. And yet the one thing we don’t talk about is, where does innovation actually come from? How do we source innovation as leaders […]

Free Resources: Managing Remote Teams

The global pandemic has completely changed the way we work with and relate to our teams in order to remain productive during these challenging times. Rick and the global IE team got together to present you with a free webinar on best practices for managing remote teams. There were a lot of great takeaways here, and we were so glad to be able to share this with you! Here’s a quick recap of some of the key strategies we discussed: Leadership as a coaching mindset: ask, listen, support Leverage technology to support and deepen relationships Connection, impact, and responsiveness Adaptive […]

Wanna bet? NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin has a good idea (and there’s a bracket!)

Just because Denny Hamlin pitched it doesn’t mean it’s a dumb idea. How’s that for a ringing endorsement? A lot of NASCAR fans like to pick on Denny, partly because he says a lot of things with his mouth, and also isn’t afraid to speak with his bumper. When he admitted to wrecking Ross Chastain several weeks ago, got penalized for it, then appealed and suggested his admission shouldn’t be evidence … well, that might’ve been Peak Denny’s. In a roundabout way, I was reminded of the time Charles Barkley was claimed to be misquoted in his own autobiography. But […]