Gay Water launches to support LGBTQ2S+ people

In a sea of ​​canned cocktails, Gay Water wants to stand out. Launching Thursday is a brightly colored canned vodka and soda beverage that proudly displays who it’s for, instead of backing off from support for the LGBTQ2S+ community as other companies have done in recent months. In other words, where Bud Light has buckled under pressure as bigotry grows against the LGBTQ2S+ community, Gay Water’s creator Spencer Hoddeson wants his new boozy brand to be the antithesis of that. “The key issue that Bud Light tapped into was the fact that they didn’t understand their core audience and know […]

Shakeup at Indigo as almost half of the company’s board exits and chair Heather Reisman will also leave soon

Four members of Indigo’s board of directors have abruptly resigned, and the company has announced that chair Heather Reisman will retire this summer. Indigo Books and Music Inc. says Frank Clegg, Howard Grosfield, Anne Marie O’Donovan and Chika Stacy Oriuwa are no longer on the company’s 11-person board. In a statement Wednesday, the company indicated that Oriuwa was resigning “because of her loss of confidence in board leadership and because of mistreatment.” No reason was given for the other exits. “Indigo wishes the departing directors well and thanks each of them for their contributions during their tenure on the board,” […]

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Canada must lead the way on expelling Russia from the UN

Article content Canada has not been punched above its weight on the world stage since the Liberals came to power in 2015, but could vindicate itself by leading a movement to immediately expel Russia from the United Nations and its Security Council. Article content It’s unacceptable that Russia remains on the United Nations Security Council and keeps a veto that has basically deadlocked the body over the years and prevented it from taking action against the invasion of Ukraine. Article content Russia and four other countries — China, the United States, France and Britain — have permanent seats on the […]

Want a digital Canadian dollar? The Bank of Canada wants to know

Article content The Bank of Canada said it still thinks a digital version of the dollar is unnecessary, but it wants to know what Canadians think about the possibility anyway. Article content Canada’s central bank stepped up its years-long investigation of cryptocurrency on May 8, initiating a public consultation on the subject of a central bank digital currency. Policymakers said they will take submissions until June 19. Article content “As Canada’s central bank, we want to make sure everyone can always take part in our country’s economy,” senior deputy governor Carolyn Rogers said in a press release on May 8. […]