Business Plan: Definition, Components, and Benefits

Jakarta – Business plans are usually made to start or plan a business or venture. Then what is included in the business plan? To start a business or business requires careful planning and preparation. Without planning, the business or business that you start up will lose direction because you run it without clear goals. Definition of Business Plan A business plan or business plan is a document detailing business details that an entrepreneur prepares before opening a new business. Business planning contains any applicable plans for future business orientation, allocating resources, and predicting opportunities, as quoted from the book Tourism […]

5 Top Side Hustles for Financial Professionals

ArLawKa AungTun / Getty Images/iStockphoto There’s a common misconception that people who work in the financial industry must have a lot of money themselves. That’s not always the case — and accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, advisors, bankers and the rest could always use a little extra income, the same as anyone else. See Our List: 100 Most Influential Money ExpertsMore: How To Build Your Savings From Scratch If your primary career deals with money, you can leverage your skills and knowledge to open up all kinds of alternative income streams. Keep reading to learn about the top side hustles for […]