Building a quantum-safe future – The Official Microsoft Blog

As innovation has progressed through radio, the internet, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and the Internet of Things, we have consistently faced security concerns with each technological milestone. Every new and disruptive technology comes with both opportunities and challenges. With AI, we are taking this lesson from the past and proactively addressing the security challenges that will inevitably arise. Yet while the AI ​​revolution feels like the biggest innovation in a generation, scaled quantum computing is set to disrupt many aspects of technology again — and we must prepare for it now. Quantum computing at scale has the potential to help solve many […]

5 Top Side Hustles for Financial Professionals

ArLawKa AungTun / Getty Images/iStockphoto There’s a common misconception that people who work in the financial industry must have a lot of money themselves. That’s not always the case — and accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, advisors, bankers and the rest could always use a little extra income, the same as anyone else. See Our List: 100 Most Influential Money ExpertsMore: How To Build Your Savings From Scratch If your primary career deals with money, you can leverage your skills and knowledge to open up all kinds of alternative income streams. Keep reading to learn about the top side hustles for […]

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Franchise

You’re set on becoming a franchisee. You may think it’s time to call a franchisor, tell them you’re interested, and get funding from your local bank, right? Wrong. If you’re considering buying a franchise, you’ll need to write a thorough business plan before moving forward. A business plan is a detailed document that describes how your business will achieve its goals. Consider it an essential tool for any business owner — including franchisees! Sound leafing? It can be. But it’s a crucial and necessary step in starting your own business. Plus, becoming a franchisee means that the franchisor will provide […]

Benefits of Developing a Business Plan

Starting a business is difficult and complex, requiring careful strategy, investigation and execution. You must find a business idea, a business plan must be written, finance must be obtained, a team must be assembled, and operations must be set up. Numerous elements affect a business’ ability to succeed. It involves the capacity to recognize and size market opportunities, carry out its goals, and adapt to and change with the market but you may find it interesting to hire a finance broker to help you with your finances. It also entails a sizable degree of risk and necessitates a sizable time, […]

The era of AI: How the Microsoft Cloud is accelerating AI transformation across industries

© Bolbik / Adobe Stock This past quarter has put a spotlight on advancements in generative AI, and the possibilities of its application to deliver pragmatic business outcomes. For organizations around the world, there is an incredible opportunity to enhance products and services while unlocking innovation and business value to help shape the future of industry. The pace and scale of technological innovation happening today is unprecedented and breathes optimism into a demanding economy. Those leveraging the Microsoft Cloud — the most trusted, comprehensive and integrated cloud — are best positioned to take advantage of these advancements. As leaders look […]