Marketing Einsteins have formulated a new money-spinning ‘Theory of Relativity’

The term ‘family business’ is used to be associated with a commercial enterprise – like a shop, or restaurant, or other service provider – wholly owned and, partially or wholly, run by people related to each other. A family business was a way for the family to make money by getting other people to spend their money. This meaning of ‘family business’ has recently been inverted in a process by which families, any and all families, spend money so that other, unrelated people can make it. How has this happened? The latter-day Einstein of that science of money-making known as […]

Disrupted, or Disruptor? How Do You Actually Innovate?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “innovate or die.” And in the business world, there is a lot of truth in this statement. If we become complacent in what we know, and we stop challenging ourselves to grow, we lose our leadership edge. We become the disrupted instead of the disruptor. Digital transformations are always a reflection of people transformation. People have to change along with (and even ahead of) technology in order to effectively lead and innovate. And yet the one thing we don’t talk about is, where does innovation actually come from? How do we source innovation as leaders […]

Salesforce’s Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT to help build personalized services

Other features of Marketing GPT include Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud and Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement. Enterprises can improve their return on investment in marketing with Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud as it automatically connects first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data for a more comprehensive view of audience engagement, Salesforce said. The Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement feature automatically resolves customer identities and refreshes segments in Data Cloud to help with accuracy, the company says. Salesforce has also partnered with Typeface to help its customers leverage its generative AI content platform to create contextual […]

Influencer Marketing, an Industry that Reaches a Wider Market

At the moment, influencer marketing is an effective way to market products and services. Characteristics para influencers or contentcreators unique is the main attraction and strength in marketing activities so much brands or advertisers who took advantage of this opportunity. Furthermore, the results of the Indonesia Gen-Z Report 2022 research conducted by the IDN Research Institute show that Gen Z in Indonesia places high trust in brands who collaborated with influencers. Lots influencers in Indonesia established brands own and successfully sell using techniques marketing build emotional attachment with para followersas Jerome Polin did with brands menante drink. On the other […]